Collective works

Elevating the sublime

The signature pieces of the Dior spring-summer 2022 haute couture collection, tights make their appearance fully embroidered, poetically sculpting the silhouette and heightening skirts, dresses and even suits. The pure lines of the equally essential leotards celebrate the essence of couture, dressing the body in sublimely glittering bold patterns.

    A celebration of savoir-faire

    Inspired by Roger Vivier’s creations for Dior in the 1950s, pumps come in a variety of sophisticated designs, from nude to black, all using different embroidery techniques. Each of these exceptional pieces is made by hand, and requires a collective savoir-faire shared between France, the Veneto region and India. Fishnet material is borrowed from haute couture, and is entirely embroidered with bold, sparkling pearls in a tribute to creative richness and plural excellence.

      © Morgan O'Donovan