Capture Totale Discovery Set Dior's best global anti-ageing moisturising skincare discovery ritual

Discover Dior's Best Global Anti-ageing Moisturising Skincare Discovery ritual in an exclusive skincare set:

Capture Totale C.E.L.L.* Energy
The High-Performance Treatment Serum-Lotion, 50 ml
The first essential step of this anti-ageing routine: the skin feels hydrated, soothed. It appears rebalanced, more even and softer. Its suppleness and luminosity feel restored. The skin radiates with a healthy glow.

Capture Totale C.E.L.L.* Energy
Super Potent Serum, the Total Age-Defying Intense Serum, 10 ml
Dior's first global anti-ageing Super Potent Serum enriched with a self-vectorized hyaluronic acid for an instant smoothing effect. Instantly, the skin appears more supple and wrinkles look reduced. This serum helps the skin to appear radiant with a healthy glow.

Capture Totale C.E.L.L.* Energy
The Firming and Wrinkle-Correcting Creme, 15 ml
This creme re-energises the skin and activates its 6 essential features for healthier, younger and radiant looking skin . The cream is both nourishing and strengthening. Fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections look reduced, skin feels firmer and more radiant.

Capture Totale C.E.L.L.* Energy
The Firming and Wrinkle-Correcting Eye Cream, 5 ml
Dior's global anti-ageing eye care that helps soothe, correct and revitalise the eye area. The eye area looks revitalized, free from the marks of time, stress and fatigue. The eye area appears smoothed and firmed with a healthy glow.

* Cutting-Edge Long-Lasting Energy.



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Kayleigh P, Sunderland

3 stars out of 5 stars
3 days ago

Amazing Serum but cream irritates!

I absolutely love Dior products and wear Dior makeup every day, so I was really excited to try the Capture Totale Discovery Kit. On first wear, I found that after an hour my skin was so itchy that I had to wash it off! I isolated the products and found that the serums are great on my skin, whereas the anti-wrinkle cream and eye cream really aggravate my sensitive skin. Lovely products, just disappointed that they don't agree with my skin.

Love Rose Gypsy, Reading

5 stars out of 5 stars
4 days ago

Love Dior

Beautiful gift package beautiful product first class service !

VHinton, London

4 stars out of 5 stars
5 days ago


A small box of luxury skincare from Dior. I just admit
I was not sure what to expect but I am i pressed with how plumped and fresh my skin looks and feels after a month of using the products. I don’t think the toner is doing much for my skin but the rest of the kit is lovely and I’m now considering buying the full size products.