Advent Calendar 24 dior surprises - beauty advent calendar - fragrance, makeup & skincare

“And through the many windows we can see the garden beyond stretching to the horizon… A dream in the mind, encapsulated in this fairytale book to escape to on cold winter nights filled with stories.”

Alice Shirley
– Artist –

This holiday season, step into a luxuriant garden with a thousand and one fanciful flowers: on the doorstep and behind the walls of 30 Avenue Montaigne, magic blooms within the Dior Atelier of dreams.

For the Dior Advent Calendar, artist Alice Shirley created an enchanting floral world of midnight blue foliage and golden winter buds that come to life like a stage performance when the curtain rises. Between luminous petals and armfuls of extraordinary flowers fly bees and butterflies as colourful as they are marvelous.

Open each of the 24 windows of the Advent Calendar one by one, and discover a new Dior surprise to fill each day in December until Christmas with magic and wonder.


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