Dior Prestige

La cure

15ml x 3
Dior Prestige has created outstanding skincare with unmatched powers: Dior Prestige La Cure. It is concentrated with a rare extract of ultimate freshness: Rose de Granville Oil. In 3 weeks, it reactivates the key mechanisms in skin repair for the most delicate skin. - The first week resets the skin. The main signs of skin fatigue are neutralized. The skin is comforted. Its radiance is revived and imperfections are reduced. - The second week renews the skin's substance. La Cure acts in depth for denser and more resistant skin. Its substance is full and plump, and it is firmer and more elastic. - The third week perfects the skin. Cell by cell, the skin is transformed, from its core to its surface. Its texture is refined; it is softer, smoother and above all stronger. It feels like a perfect rose petal.

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