One Essential

Skin boosting super serum


More than just a serum, One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum detoxifies, regenerates and boosts the skin every day. Confronted with UV rays, stress and pollution, our skin faces on onslaught of aggressions on a daily basis. The solution: the new One Essential, with its even more powerful formula that targets 100% of external,1 and for first time, internal,2 toxins.3 With just one dose,4 the skin is freed of toxins, once again able to regenerate itself and regain its original radiance. The skin appears as if perfectly untouched by polluting particles.

1 Microparticles, heavy metals.

2 Volatile organic compounds.

3 In vitro test on ingredients.

4 1 dose = 0.5 ml to be applied twice a day (3 pumps morning and night).

How to detoxify and to boost your skin with One Essential?

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