D-Wild Beetle Accent Antique Gold Finish Bracelet

The D-Wild bracelet showcases an ancient mythological symbol—the black beetle—paired with large, statement chain links. Hoop and tab accents surround the beetle and highlight its uniqueness, while the concealed closure at the front creates a smooth finish. The ‘Dior’ logo is engraved along the top of the piece to speak to the understated elegance of the brand.

  • D-Wild Beetle Accent Gold Finish Bracelet
  • Black resin beetle accent
  • Large hoop and tab accents around beetle
  • Heavy chain links throughout
  • Length: 18 cm
  • Antique gold finish metal
  • ‘Dior’ logo engraved at front
  • Made in Germany

Reference : B1089WLDRS_D910

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