Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear Show

Live from New York City at 8.00 pm on April 15th (2.00 am CEST on April 16th)

With collections setting the pace of the fashion seasons, Fall constitutes a particular period of reflection for Maria Grazia Chiuri, and an ongoing questioning that is constantly renewed. Each time, the wardrobe is revitalized by a series of pieces of which their unique construction, cuts, materials, and creativity have what it takes to meet all women’s needs. 



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A fervent admirer of Christian Dior and a loyal customer of the House both in life and on the silver screen, style icon Marlene Dietrich is one of the major inspirations for this Dior Fall collection. A captivating wardrobe that could be the famous actress's in 2024, with a new twist, reinvented by Maria Grazia Chiuri's virtuoso imagination.

© Anastasia Duvallie


In a prodigious masculine-feminine interplay, the Dior Fall 2024 collection pays tribute to the two fashion capitals so dear to the House: Paris, emblem of elegance and haute couture, the cradle of which is 30 Montaigne, and New York, which fascinated Monsieur Dior right from 1947, with its vertiginously vertical architecture and peerless collective effervescence. The silhouettes celebrate the inimitable aura of Marlene Dietrich, incarnation of that fascinating, seminal duality. From suits and tailoring with a superb twist on tweed or tailcoat spirit, to velvet evening gowns, modernized, sparkling divinely with dance-floor and neo-Broadway odes to glamour. From casual trouser outfits magnifying the sportswear attitude, to a triptych of marvelous leather pieces – a seamless pea coat with lining punctuated by the Eiffel Tower motif opening the show, a jumpsuit, and an aviator-biker jacket brandishing the star-spangled American flag fused with that of France on its back –, these exceptional creations affirm the irresistibly hybrid facets of the wardrobe, at once timeless and ultra-contemporary.


© Anastasia Duvallie


The hat-tie-glasses combo reinvents Dietrich's* unique allure once again, and is the perfect accompaniment to white shirts and calfskin gloves embroidered with bees that seem to flutter on the hands. These essential accessories are also punctuated, in cabaret spirit, by embroidered fringes, as so many odes to the "movement of life" celebrated by Monsieur Dior at each of his défilés. As for bags, from the Dior Book Tote to the Lady Dior, they play the card of pared-down purity, quintessential elegance, or that of US and Paris-New York inspirations, flags and motifs harmonized with a trench coat or sportswear ensemble, mixing casualness with the House's cherished codes. Platform shoes, revisited lace-up espadrilles and embroidered footwear are more inspired than ever by the actress, echoing her avant-garde masculine-feminine and Riviera-Hollywood dualities.


* Who, incidentally, purchased her ties (as well as her pajamas) from Dior Monsieur!


 ©️ Emma Anderson


Between heritage and modernity, the looks of the Dior Fall 2024 collection deploy exceptional savoir-faire of constantly renewed inventiveness. An ode to plural creativity.

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