The collection


A true source of inspiration for Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Visconti-Sforza tarot – developed by Bonifacio Bembo for the Duke of Milan in the 15th century – heightens the collection with its visual force. These magnificent cards adorned with gold, enamel, vegetal and geometric interlacing brought added enchantment to the creations thanks to the virtuoso excellence of the Dior Ateliers. Symbolizing the transition from paper to fabrics, the volumes and cuts of the silhouettes evoke the aristocratic-looking outfits of characters depicted in this deck, a masterpiece of illumination.

Beautiful Star

Sources of strength and power, and magical symbols of destiny, zodiac signs constellate Maria Grazia Chiuri’s haute couture creations, crafted from brocades adorned with golden threads and dévoré velvet depicting celestial motifs. A dream-like invitation to follow one’s lucky star, and an exceptional tribute to Monsieur Dior’s superstitious nature.

    Divine Gold

    An emblem of refinement, gold punctuates the collection with its aura, illuminating creations with its delicate nuances, especially when combined with shantung silk. The iconic Miss Dior dress is reinvented in a magnificent all-gold version.

      Magic Arts

      The Roman artist Pietro Ruffo, a loyal friend of the House, was invited by Maria Grazia Chiuri to reinvent the game of tarot. Circular cards devoid of human figures thus enhance the dresses and skirts in the collection, like an ode to the symbolic richness of fauna and flora. 

        Poetic Strength

        A symbol of protection and strength, and both armor and adornment, the plastron adorns several silhouettes in the collection, illustrating by turns the tarot’s major arcana. Designed by Pietro Ruffo and embroidered by the House’s petites mains, it illuminates creations with a touch of daring. 

          Double “I”

          Dressing the heroine of Matteo Garrone’s film revealing the collection, the Bar suit is revisited by Maria Grazia Chiuri in a more masculine version, like a velvet smoking. This style icon also features in a sand-colored ensemble, paired with a jacquard skirt, or in a slate gray total look, punctuated by an elegant draped and twisted jacket. A range of reinterpretations that bring the many facets of femininity to life. 

            Irresistible Punctuations

            Adorned with flowers or pearls, golden head jewels recalling antique ornaments celebrate the sumptuous beauty of women, inspired by the tarot.

              Dazzling Grace

              With finely braided, openwork uppers, delicate silver and gold boots mingle with haute couture dresses, revealing subtle plays of transparency. An exercise in mix-and-match that completes the silhouette with a touch of elegance and modernity.