Dior unveils the campaign for the Fall 2020 women’s collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri, a series of spellbinding shots lensed by Brigitte Niedermair. Brought to life by the actress and House muse Jennifer Lawrence, these sculptural silhouettes celebrate the beauty of pure lines and the audacity of simplicity by questioning fashion’s meaning and essence. 

  • Amid an homage to the intense grace and plurality of black, a color Christian Dior considered “the most elegant” of all, a red dress appears like a flash of brilliance. This “color of life”, as the founding couturier called it, contrasts with another graphic look, in white with polka dots, that also evokes the power of the House's timeless codes.

 Each of these exceptional pieces reflects couture’s modernity and raison d'être, as a conceptual experience and a cultural approach at the intersection of emotions, dreams and action. Through them, the Creative Director writes her own manifesto, voicing her commitment while perpetuating both Italian savoir-faire and Monsieur Dior’s legacy of excellence.

  • For this fascinating new dialogue, the photographer and friend of the House reinvented her signature alchemy, a style positioned between figurative portraiture and the art of purity. Its staging echoes a wish of Christian Dior's that inspired Maria Grazia Chiuri: "I wanted my dresses to be constructed, molded on the curves of the female body, whose shape they would stylize.” An ode to the architecture at the heart of Dior’s history and creative passion.

  • Her contemporary gaze rejoins that of the Creative Director, using a play of abstractions to sublimate icons and accessories: from the Box 30 Montaigne bag worn at the waist to the matte Lady Dior MyABCDior, the distinctive magic of Dior Tribales earrings and the essential veiled bob hat, a nod to Monsieur Dior’s eternal caryatid of style, Mitzah Bricard. A quintessence of the art of detail and femininity, a personification of desire and singularity.