Miss Dior Chair

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    On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2022 in Milan, Dior Maison is joining forces with Philippe Starck for the first time and has invited him to reinterpret the Medallion chair, a symbol of the Louis XVI style, dear to Mr. Dior. The internationally renowned creator, famous for his visionary and poetic works, combines the fundamentals of the House with a savoir-faire that pushes the limits of excellence. For Dior, he dreamed up a version called Miss Dior, a tribute to a certain kind of refinement, imbued with bold elegance. Driven by a passion du minimum, he has refined the structure of the famous seat to the extreme, seeking the absolute purity of its silhouette, emphasized even more by the lightness of aluminum, of which Philippe Starck values the nobility and durability, as well as its precious simplicity. Expressions of virtuoso craftsmanship, the curves of this model outline a unique shape, strike a perfect harmony. This quest for perfection was fueled by the desire to create an eternal chair, an emblem of longevity. Made in Italy, the unique piece transcends the boundaries of possibility: only one injector in the world was capable of making a mold meticulously adapted to its unusual architecture while exercising a fabulous command of the material. This collaboration reflects the French creator's desire to explore, to go to the very heart of the legend that the Medallion chair embodies in his eyes, to reveal its quintessential backbone through three exceptional models, one of which is distinguished by a single armrest*, a subtle echo of a Marlene Dietrich photograph, channeling that captivating pose where the dress is exhibited like a painting. With the Miss Dior chair, collective memory takes center stage. We all drew this historical icon with our memory; I explored mine. The conscious and unconscious signs emitted by the Maison Dior are part of my own mental heritage: this collaboration was extremely natural for me, confides Philippe Starck. Elevated to the rank of a work of art, this creation of timeless elegance is revealed in different shades – satin-finish or polished – such as black chromium, pink copper or gold. Exclusive pieces can be discovered June 7th - 12th, 2022, in the heart of Palazzo Citterio, Milan, accompanied by a captivating and sophisticated choreography of light effects. They will also be presented in a selection of Dior boutiques starting at the end of the year and available to order from all House addresses.
    * There is also a version with no armrests, and a third version with two armrests.
    • 100% aluminum
    • Made in Italy