“Thankfully, there are flowers,” said Monsieur Dior, who was – as well as a gallerist, an architecture aficionado, and grand couturier – an avid gardener. It was in Granville, in the rose garden of his family’s home overlooking the sea, that young Christian planted the seeds of his fascination with this most artful intersection of nature and culture. Growing into a fashion designer, Monsieur Dior found a bounty of inspiration in the gardens, allowing the dazzling silhouette of a femme-fleur to blossom from the very first collection, leaving her bewitching sillage in her wake.

Within 30 Montaigne, visitors will discover three green sanctuaries, designed by Belgian landscape architect Peter Wirtz in collaboration with architect Peter Marino. Havens of peace in which one may meander, recharge one’s batteries or simply contemplate the lush vegetation, which is renewed every season.

    • On the ground floor, majestic tropical trees reach up to the windows of Le Restaurant Monsieur Dior, while perennial flowers bloom in abundance. One floor above, beneath a glass roof, there is a winter garden, where exotic plants seem to transcend borders. As for the terrace, it is adorned with a striking steel sculpture by John Chamberlain. On the third level, a veritable garden in the heart of the capital boasts apple trees and roses, Christian Dior’s favorite flowers, adding irresistible touches of elation.

    • “A unique setting in the middle of Paris that will appeal to all the senses,” says Peter Wirtz. A contemporary celebration of the passion for nature so close to Monsieur Dior’s heart, so dear to the House.