Fève Délicieuse Fragrance

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Known for its multiple olfactory notes, Tonka Bean is a seed with a smooth and alluring scent, a mix of caramel, hay and praline. François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, wanted to compose a surprising fragrance tinged with Vanilla, like a delicious guilty pleasure.

Fève Délicieuse is an epicurean fragrance: Tonka Bean melds with the warm and slightly smoky notes of Vanilla to complete the delicious sensation. Exquisite, this gourmet fragrance reveals irresistible exotic accents.

A genuine feast for the senses, Fève Délicieuse reveals notes of Bergamot and Rose that breathe freshness into this delectable fragrance.

The deep yellow of a delectable Vanilla, the black of a crunchy Coffee Bean note and the brown of a Caramel note. Fève Délicieuse is like a painting with intense colors that blend together to outline the olfactory notes of Tonka Bean.

Oriental. Fève Délicieuse is a fragrance like an exercise in composition that plays with the contrasts of the seed by celebrating its softness, warmth and intensity.

This intense fragrance is reassuring and enveloping. As warm as it is addictive, the milky, vanilla-tinged scent is an appeal to the senses.