Jasmin Élixir Précieux Fragrance oil - highly concentrated elixir

Bottle 3 mL

Jasmin Élixir Précieux is an invitation to layer scents and celebrate an age-old fragrance ritual. It gives you the possibility to combine this elixir signature with a La Collection Privée Christian Dior fragrance to enrich and facet its trail.

It is a way to experience perfuming with a rare intensity by creating your own personal fragrance mark that can be endlessly adapted.

This perfume extract, formulated with carefully selected noble raw materials, illustrates the expertise of the Dior perfumer. Intensely floral, intriguing and authentic, its trail concentrated in jasmine upholds and enriches the fresh lily-of-the-valley bouquet of Lucky: an olfactory union that exalts an exceptional moment created by La Collection Privée Christian Dior.

The luxurious glass bottle that houses the fragrance oil, inspired by the Dior legacy, is the product of cutting-edge expertise.

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  • Inviting the blend of several scents and celebrating a thousand-year-old gesture, les élixirs préciéux La Collection Privée Christian Dior are enhanced by two intense signatures: Patchouli and Jasmine. These characterful fragrances enrich and facet the perfumes of this exceptional collection*, creating a unique ritual*, a personal imprint that can be modulated ad infinitum*.

    * At Dior.