From Granville to Charleston

In the elaborate gardens of the Val-de-Grâce, the staging of the défilé invites travel and exchange, transcending the passage of time. Facing a peaceful sea in which the blue sky is reflected, Normandy is an answer to England’s Sussex, Granville to Charleston, Christian Dior to Duncan Grant, in a captivating conversation evoking the importance of personal spheres, and the manner in which they provide guidance and inspiration in the realm of creativity.

In the heart of a dreamlike meadow, the silhouettes dreamed up by Kim Jones, the Artistic Director of Dior men’s collections, weave a precious Ariadne’s thread between the House’s heritage, couture and culture, art and its influence on today’s world. The setting is strewn with a constellation of thousands of flowers, celebrating in turns the nature of the Normandy coast and the English countryside. White cosmos, red yarrow, verbena, daisies, fuchsia roses and magnolias bloom like a marvellous ode to the founding couturier’s passion for gardening.

    © Adrien Dirand


    © Melinda Triana