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Capture Youth

Plump filler age-delay plumping serum
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The first moisturising concentrate1 for plumper, supple and fuller skin. Naturally derived hyaluronic acid molecules of different molecular weights help to rehydrate skin on the surface to improve the cutaneous substance. Enriched with antioxidant iris, this serum is specially formulated to be gentle on skin and composed of 87%2 naturally derived ingredients. Its generous, fresh and nourishing texture is perfectly absorbed and leaves skin feeling satisfied.

This step is ideal when skin is faced with a harsh environment (drought, change in temperature, sun, etc.).

Combined with the Capture Youth cream, the Plump Filler serum reveals perfect skin quality.

1 From Dior.

2 Values calculated on the basis of ISO standard 16128 part II and according to the raw ingredient data sent to date by our suppliers

Application Tips

A customised rejuvenating protocol, 3 uses:
LAYERING: Apply the Plumping serum daily for targeted action before the Capture Youth cream.
MIX & MATCH*: Add 2 to 3 drops of the Plumping serum directly to a
spatula of the Capture Youth cream for faster application.
INTENSE TREATMENT: Use the Plumping serum as an intense one-month treatment when skin is particularly dried out.

* Use 0.6g of Capture Youth cream in the palm of the hand. For facial application only.
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