The scenography

The models appear in a desert landscape dotted with a buffalo head, giant cacti, roses and mushrooms. A moving sky lights up with hypnotic shades, a nod to Travis Scott's native state of Texas with its immense canyons. Bit by bit, the desert transforms into a rose garden reminiscent of Christian Dior's family home in Granville, a refuge dear to the founding couturier who was captivated by the beauty of nature and who, among the flowers, at his mother Madeleine’s side, enriched his knowledge of botany. Like an imaginary memory, a majestic portal topped by the intertwined letters "CJ "* is adorned with roses in gradations of color.

The respective childhoods of Monsieur Dior and the American rapper meet in a unique dialogue that is echoed in this Dior collection. By turns, the looks designed by Kim Jones in collaboration with Travis Scott blend into this vibrant decor, including designs punctuated with the "toile de Cactus" pattern, the Dior Oblique motif reworked with the name "Jack" and hybrid hats designed by Stephen Jones. Positioned at the crossroads of reality and dreams, heritage and innovation, this scenography becomes the symbol of a beautiful new world, embodying an unprecedented fusion of two creative visions.

©Adrien Dirand
*The initials of Cactus Jack, the creative label of Travis Scott


©Es Devlin