J'adore x India Mahdavi J'adore eau de parfum infinissime - floral notes

    Dior has invited India Mahdavi to reinvent one of the most emblematic bottles of the House of Dior, the iconic J'adore fragrance amphora. The renowned architect and designer has created an ultra-limited series of 1,000 pieces, each one unique and numbered. Both a technical feat and an object of desire, each piece is made in Venice by Salviati and its historic Murano master glassmakers.

    "When you hear 'J’adore', you think of course of the eponymous fragrance. But let's not forget the first meaning: it's a cry from the heart – the cry of emotion, faced with something that appeals to all of our senses, that seduces us and transports us." India Mahdavi

    Each piece is a marvel of savoir-faire and modernity that welcomes J'adore eau de parfum infinissime, the composition of François Demachy: an infinitely floral and voluptuous signature, a perfect echo of the infinitely sensual and modern creation of India Mahdavi.