Dreamskin - Perfect skin creator ritual Exclusive kit - detoxifying serum, age-defying fluid & firming and wrinkle-correcting creme

For the holiday season, discover the perfect skin creator ritual by Dior in an exclusive kit. The kit contains:

One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum - Intense skin detoxifying booster serum, 7 ml
Toxins stemming from pollutants are numerous, and of various origins. The One Essential detoxifying serum targets pollutants to eliminate toxins identified at the heart of the skin.* Freed of these toxins and full of vitality, the skin is fresh, smoothed and re-energized. It glows radiantly.

Capture Totale - Firming and Wrinkle-Correcting Creme, 15 ml
The best** total age-defying creme born from the science of mother cells and Dior floral expertise. Its luscious formula delivers the nourishment and vitality the skin needs to be softer, smoother and plumper every day. After 7 days, wrinkles seem to be filled from within, the skin is firmer and its texture is more refined. The skin radiates a healthy glow. After 1 month, these results lastingly intensify.

Capture Dreamskin - Care & Perfect, 50 ml
The global age-defying perfect skin creator, with beneficial skin-perfecting action, that helps combat visible signs of aging while recreating naturally exquisite skin. The skin’s perfection seems to come from within,* its texture appears ultra-fine and pores are as if tightened. Day after day, the skin is naturally more beautiful, its radiance is regained.

* In vitro test on ingredients.
** At Dior.