Dior Prestige -Exceptional Regenerating and Perfecting Ritual Set - lotion, crème, micro-huile de rose

In a sumptuous, gilded wooden box, discover the exceptional regenerating and skin-perfecting Dior Prestige ritual. This set includes:

- Dior Prestige La Lotion Essence de Rose
Exceptional Regenerating Essence Lotion, 30 ml.
A fundamental first step to youthful beauty, La Lotion Essence de Rose revives skin. Its intensely rich formulation combines the nourishment of an essence with the invigorating freshness of a lotion. Deeply revitalized and plumped with moisture, skin appears toned and radiates a healthy glow. Skin seems more receptive to the beauty ritual that will follow.

- Dior Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum
Exceptional Regenerating Micro-Nutritive Serum, 50 ml.
The next-generation formula of La Micro-Huile de Rose concentrates the nourishing power of the flower’s 22 micro-nutrients, coupled with the exceptional revitalizing power of its sap. This combination has resulted in a correction for signs of aging. Full of life, the skin is instantly plumped and replenished. Day after day, wrinkles appear noticeably corrected. As if lifted, facial contours appear enhanced. Your skin looks stunning with a healthy, youthful glow.

- Dior Prestige La Crème Texture Essentielle
Exceptional Regenerating and Perfecting Creme, 15 ml.
This luxurious creme delivers a more complete correction of all visible signs of aging. Let your fingertips discover the amazing feeling of rose-petal skin: a fine and smooth texture, firm plumpness, harmonious contours and a radiant glow.