Rouge Dior Set Lip makeup set - set of 4 mini lipsticks

    Exclusively for Sephora, Dior has brought together 4 shades of the iconic Rouge Dior lipstick in a miniature format, in one box. A Dior ready-to-gift set embellished with a box decorated with the floral motifs of the Atelier of dreams.

    The Rouge Dior set includes:

    - 1 miniature 999 lipstick, velvet finish. The iconic Dior red with a velvet finish.
    - 1 miniature 772 Classic lipstick, matte finish. A timeless rosewood with a matte finish.
    - 1 miniature 100 Nude Look lipstick, matte finish. The perfect contemporary Dior nude with a matte finish.
    - 1 miniature 824 Saint Germain lipstick, satin finish. A sophisticated brown with a satin finish.