Leather Oud Fragrance

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The potent notes of oud wood are combined with the raw and fragrant notes of leather. The very name of the Leather Oud fragrance translates a desire to bring two distinct scents into harmony within an oriental duo.

Leather Oud is a fragrance that wants to be remembered, a fragrance with a burning heart and vigorous strength.

Bergamot notes invigorate the fragrance with a fresh breeze at the heart of the woody heat.

The brown nuances of a supple leather streaked with shades of warm sand and fiery coals.

Oriental. Like a horse race in the desert, the Leather Oud fragrance is an invitation to an olfactory journey in the Orient, where woody accords meet warm leather notes.

An instant evocation of all the facets of the oriental territory, from sand dunes to the deep night, Leather Oud is a fragrance that reveals a profound and enveloping intensity magnified by notes of oud, sandalwood and birch.