Patchouli Impérial Fragrance

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Everything in the Patchouli Impérial fragrance is elaborated to exalt the Far Eastern inspiration of its olfactory notes and the power of its patchouli trail. A commanding fragrance, in the image of an imperial city.

The Patchouli Impérial fragrance resounds like an olfactory clap of thunder, a compelling discovery of the senses. A fragrance with a strong character.

Patchouli Impérial combines the fullness of wood with the freshness of citrus to create a contemporary patchouli.

A fiery brown, with flashes of amber and shades of antique patinated wood.

Sensual. Notes of patchouli are clad in heady smoke and ambery accords that tinge the fragrance with an oriental sensuality and unleash its strong olfactory power.

Patchouli Impérial is a fragrance with a bewitching intensity. Coriander, frankincense, guaiac: this fragrant creation is a concentration of gripping scents that transport you to the singular atmosphere of Asian apothecaries from a bygone era.