Board Game Remember

Reference: HYE02MGD0U_C970

The best distractions in my life have been 20 years' worth of personal charades my friends and I have come up with. Christian Dior mentions in his autobiography his taste for creative entertainment - riddles and role play - that he would try out with humor and with great skill. Perpetuating this playful spirit, Dior Maison reveals a memory game named Remember, with images by Brigitte Niedermair. Blurring the lines between the arts, the photographs uniquely reveal the emblems of heritage as imagined by Maria Grazia Chiuri, an amusing way to (re)discover Dior icons.

  • 100% paper
  • Made in Italy

Game Rules
(One or more players)
Place all images face down. If the player turns two identical images over, he or she wins the pair, plays again and so on and so forth. The winner will have the most pairs.
This game of image association explores Maison Dior's memory while challenging your own. The art of detail and the inspirations cherished by Maria Grazia Chiuri are revealed in these captivating images by Brigitte Niedermair, and celebrate Dior icons and the excellence of the House's ateliers.
Now it's your turn to play and to dream!

Dior and Brigitte Niedermair, a meeting of minds
Her streamlined and graceful portraits are instantly recognizable. The photographer Brigitte Niedermair creates exceptionally captivating images, like works untouched by time, blurring the lines between the arts. Photography is my freedom, my wings to fly over the world, to learn about it and to love it, she confides. With her campaigns for Dior Women collections, she captures beauty in details cherished by Maria Grazia Chiuri to better pay tribute to the exceptional savoir-faire and highlight the icons' modern timelessness. Fashion is a dialogue with life, she maintains. Now more than ever, it is a powerful and profound vision that perpetuates her commitment to exalt and adorn all women.