Christian Dior Atelier

"Suddenly, a flash of inspiration gives me an electric shock. Passionately, I work out endless variations... Like sap, the creative idea circulates now throughout the whole building," wrote Monsieur Dior in his memoirs. Today more than ever, inventiveness is at the heart of Dior. Echoing the fascinating energy at the iconic 30 Avenue Montaigne, where the magic of couture reigns, Baby Dior reinterprets Atelier* capsule in a new line punctuated by original shades. Combining modernity and sportswear, this series of casual pieces features the emblematic Christian Dior Atelier logo – either contrasting or tone-on-tone – and is available in khaki and cream as well as a multicolored tie-dye version.

*Inspired by the singular aesthetic of men's designs in the Dior Winter 2020-2021 collection by Kim Jones.