Monsieur Dior has always been fascinated by balls, where sumptuous gowns swirl through the dance. Resulting from the encounter between the Haute Couture dresses universe and watchmaking technology, this collection is a tribute to Christian Dior’s taste for balls.

    This High Timepieces collection features Christian Dior’s silhouettes through colored gemstones. The plissé of each ball gown is made of exceptional elements. Round, marquise, pear and cushion-cut precious stones enhance the brilliance of the pleated gold oscillating weights. 

    The reflections of gold and colors are placed on top of structured guilloche or velvet pattern on dials for very Couture timepieces. The collection displays favorite colors of Monsieur Dior, that also recall the pastel and romantic tones of spring.

      Two different oscillating weights make up this collection, capturing the movements, volumes and waves of Haute Couture petticoats.

      The swirl of a ball gown is reproduced by the movement of the oscillating weight on the dial side of the watch thanks to the “Dior Inversé” calibre.

      These timepieces feature a precious case made of snow-set diamonds, highlighting the weight at the center and magnifying the color palette of each piece.

      The bezel, either snow-set or set with baguette-cut diamonds, sublimates the movements.

      The dancing silhouette continues to the back of the watch where a sketch of Monsieur Dior is engraved, numbered and signed as in a real collection notebook.