Capture Youth Plump filler age-delay plumping serum

1.0 oz$95.00

Derived from natural-origin fermented wheat, the hyaluronic acid molecules in this serum have different molecular weights to both rehydrate skin on the surface and help to restore the skin's plumpness. Enriched with antioxidant boosting iris extract and composed of 87%* natural-origin ingredients, this serum has a fresh, nourishing texture that leaves skin feeling smooth and plump.

1 - Active ingredient: natural hyaluronic acid from fermented wheat helps to hydrate and plump skin

2 - Iris extract boosts skin's natural antioxidant power**

3 - 87% naturally-derived ingredients*

* values calculated on the basis of ISO standard 16128 part II and according to the raw ingredient data sent to date by our suppliers

** in vitro test on ingredients


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