Capture Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask Youth-perfecting face mask – peel effect

2.5 oz$80.00

Capture Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask is the Dior face mask formulated with 85%* natural-origin ingredients that provides a new-skin effect from the first application. In 1 minute, this feel-good formula acts for skin that seems as if it were gently reset.

Upon contact with the skin, the emulsified texture of this face mask transforms into a smooth cream. Infused with AHA, it exfoliates the skin and erases imperfections, while giving skin an intense feeling of comfort thanks to its formula with soothing jojoba oil.

Upon application, pores seem tightened, skin texture looks smoother and the complexion appears brightened. Freed from signs of fatigue, softer and soothed, the skin glows with radiance. With each application of the Capture Dreamskin face mask, skin becomes more beautiful: smoother, clearer and more luminous.

Use Capture Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask two or three times a week, before your usual skincare ritual.

* Amount calculated based on the ISO 16128-1 and ISO 16128-2 standard. Water percentage included. The remaining 15% contribute to the formula’s performance, sensory appeal and stability.



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