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Miss Dior Rose Essence Eau de toilette - fresh, floral and woody notes

Spray 3.4 oz$163.00

Miss Dior Rose Essence is the first Miss Dior fragrance vintage, the fruit of the 2021 May Rose harvest from the Domaine de Manon in Grasse.

For the first time, the Domaine de Manon, Dior's exclusive and historic partner in Grasse, is dedicating its entire May Rose harvest for distillation to obtain rose water. A wild gamble, unique at Dior, to bestow Miss Dior with floral water that is equally beautiful as it is precious.

Rose water shines at the heart of Miss Dior Rose Essence. A fresh, beneficial delight, it is inspired by the best-kept secret in Grasse: rose water has been a personal pleasure passed down from mother to daughter for generations. Soft and generous, it refreshes this composition imbued with nature.

Miss Dior Rose Essence is the encounter between a captivating floral freshness and the sensuality of woody notes of Vetiver, Patchouli and Guaiac wrapped in soothing Musks. It is a fragrance that leaves nature in its trail; the extraordinary sensation of an endless field of roses.

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed: Dior's responsible commitment extends all the way to the packaging of Miss Dior Rose Essence. Composed of 25% recycled glass, its ultra-thin glass bottle is nestled in a recyclable case* made with FSC-certified paper that is 40% recycled and 15% rose petal residue from the harvest.

With Miss Dior Rose Essence, Dior is taking concrete action to leave beauty as a legacy.

* This product may not be recyclable in your area. Check with your local municipality guidelines.


May Rose floral water has become truly legendary over the years, perpetuating a ceremonial feminine tradition handed down through the ages, from generation to generation. It is now bequeathed like a treasure at the heart of a new olfactory creation: Miss Dior Rose Essence, which celebrates each year at harvest time the beauty of a May Rose extolled like a vintage.


Spring has finally sprung, brightened by the May Roses that bloom by the thousand in Grasse.
Beaded with fresh dewdrops, bursting with color, they are at their most beautiful in the early morn. The sun is just starting to rise, and the women are already busy in the fields. The harvest is plentiful, gratifying; rapidly picked and carried away, the blossoms are distilled to produce the precious Rose water.


    Incarnating age-old expertise that celebrates the beauty of Roses grown in the tradition of the Grasse terroir, the 2021 harvest of Miss Dior Rose Essence had a duty to embrace sustainability. The Roses are used in a perfect virtuous circle in which nothing is lost, from the last distilled drop to the last fallen petal found in the fragrance case.


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