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Miss Dior - Bobby Limited Edition Eau de parfum - floral and fresh notes - collector's bottle

Bottle 3 oz$750.00

Bobby: a name dear to Christian Dior, for it belonged to his loyal four-legged friend who loved to accompany him on walks through his flower gardens. In a tender and playful show of affection, the Couturier-Perfumer regularly named his haute couture designs after his dog, Bobby.

In 1952, he created a figural Miss Dior bottle in honor of the undeniably stylish dog: collectors immediately rushed to acquire one of the astounding bottles showcasing the exceptional Dior craftsmanship.

This year, Dior is reissuing the Bobby bottle with an even more couture identity,* nestled in a luxurious case featuring intricate details. Bobby's collar is adorned with a satiny bow, and both the bottle and case are decorated with the Millefiori motif designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the House of Dior's Artistic Director.

On Bobby's glass chest shines a metallic tag bearing the legendary inscription "J'appartiens à Miss Dior" (I belong to Miss Dior) which was featured on the original bottle in 1952.

Each unique and numbered Bobby bottle contains 3.0 oz of Miss Dior Eau de Parfum with fresh and sensual notes. Available only on dior.com.

* At Dior.


This year, Bobby sports a new collar adorned with a satiny bow and decorated with the Millefiori motif designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of the House of Dior, for an even greater couture identity. 



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