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The Original Trilogy - Limited Edition Set of 3 fragrances - eau noire, cologne blanche and bois d'argent

Exceptionally produced in a limited series, this fragrance trilogy revives the founding notes of La Collection Privée Christian Dior: signatures refined to perfection that Francis Kurkdjian wanted to reunite for the first time since their creation in a set with a sleek, understated design. The three fragrances revisit with elegance and originality the fundamentals of perfumery: lavender, orange blossom and iris notes.

- Cologne Blanche, 1.3 oz. This fragrance boasts a regal style, worthy of a salon at Versailles. A flawlessly elegant composition, Cologne Blanche unfurls a luminous orange blossom note enveloped in an intensely powdery violet accord. A skin scent, its lingering softness is like the caress of talc against a sensual ambery backdrop.

- Eau Noire, 1.3 oz. This fragrance akin to a nocturnal silhouette is reborn with a new impetus of three high-quality lavender essences and absolutes that enter into dialogue with the myrrh note and just the right dose of other gourmand notes to give it a chic, seductive effect.

- Bois d'Argent, 1.3 oz. Timeless yet avant-garde, the Bois d’Argent fragrance pioneered the concept of universal olfactory elegance. It’s a scent that you make your own, an addictive skin-to-skin effect. Dominated by an omnipresent and richly powdery iris heart note, Bois d'Argent is wrapped in a mystical frankincense note set against an ambery background.

The Original Trilogy is exclusively available on dior.com in a very limited edition.


Scents refined to perfection are reunited by Francis Kurkdjian for the first time since their creation in a set with a sober design, dressed in the signature white of La Collection Privée.


Notes of orange blossom, violet and amber: Cologne Blanche unfurls an intrinsically elegant trail for a sumptuous eau de cologne.


    Eau Noire is wrapped in a gourmand accord arranged around notes of lavender and myrrh, creating the perfectly balanced nocturnal scent.


      The undeniable expression of a universal elegance, Bois d’Argent is a fragrance of endless surprises, carried by notes of iris and frankincense.


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