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Dior Skin Mattifying Papers 100 sheets of blotting paper - instant mattifying effect

Designed to reduce shine and absorb excess oil, Dior mattifying papers instantly mattify the skin.

Used on the T-zone – forehead, nose and chin – or over the entire face, these beauty papers are applied as the final step in your makeup routine or for touch-ups. They give the skin a matte finish.

The pad of Dior mattifying papers contains 100 sheets. It is housed in a practical case with a built-in mirror, in a travel-friendly format so you can easily take it wherever you go.

Each sheet, composed of plant fibers, features the DIOR logo for a unique step in your beauty routine.


  • Available in limited edition, the Dior mattifying paper is a must-have in the Dior beauty routine. Designed to instantly mattify the skin, it can be used throughout the day for a shine-free complexion from morning to night.

An instant matifying effect

Use the sheets on a targeted area - forehead, nose, chin - or on the face as a whole. Pat the skin with a mattifying paper to remove excess oil.


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