The savoir-faire

  • Celebrating the sportswear elegance instilled by the Artistic Director of Dior men’s collections, this wool jacquard coat emulates black moiré in a combination of gray and navy reflections and reinterprets a painting by the Ghanaian artist Amoako Boafo. In a visual play of reliefs recalling a trompe l'oeil, the work’s contours are etched out in tone-on-tone using subtle inlays of braid trim, a process requiring multiple stages of meticulous pattern-making, cutting and placement. Exceptional craftsmanship expressed through images, in the heart of the Dior Ateliers.

  • Embodying the quintessence of Dior tailoring, this woolen suit jacket is inspired by the traditional “habit à la française” (18th-century men’s suit), recognizable for its tails and cigarette epaulettes. Perpetuating the House’s art of detail, this exceptional piece, after the meticulous pattern-making, cutting and assembly work stages, is punctuated with passementerie combined with fabric-covered Bar buttons in homage to Christian Dior’s iconic New Look silhouette of 1947. Contemporary audacity revealed through images.

Photo credit - Alfredo Piola