Dior by Olimpia Zagnoli

Inspired by pop culture as well as futurism and art history, the Fall 2020 collection asserts itself through a unique graphic style celebrating feminine curves. With sharp lines and vibrant colors, Olimpia Zagnoli creates design objects, kinetic sculptures and video clips. Her captivating, eclectic works are exhibited all over the world, bringing her passion for drawing into a dialogue with various creative fields. She also writes children’s books and designs iconic covers and images for the The New Yorker and The New York Times, respectively.

For Dior, the Milanese illustrator highlights the architectural essence of looks by Maria Grazia Chiuri, sublimating a black beret or a strapless dress in flamboyant red — “the color of life” according to Monsieur Dior. The checks and stripes, cuts and volumes the Creative Director loves are revisited in the artist’s codes, like an ode to joie de vivre. A vision that magnifies the plurality of beauty and the multiple facets of femininity.

An alchemy of couture and cultures, this series offers a new look at the Fall 2020 collection.