This collection is an invitation to venture into Monsieur Dior’s garden in the still of the night. In this garden, we come upon wild golden branches, scarab-beetle elytra and precious flowers that have invaded a dial plunged into darkness.

At midnight, the moonlight shines upon these creeping branches, lighting them up with magical colours and mysterious nuances. The same light passes through the leaves, setting their contours ablaze with gold, while the petals of precious stones secretly gleam in the dark of the night. 

In this mystical darkness, morning dew slowly appears, gently rolling in the foliage like golden drops. The delicate foliage is adorned with stones, scarab beetle elytra, carvings and gold leaf, partially covering the night sky.

    Each piece represents a different garden, bathed in dreamlike nightlights from dusk to dawn, immersing them in wondrous monochromatic atmospheres. This supernatural aura is highlighted by the bezel carved out of ornamental stones and enhanced by the case, entirely set in diamonds.

    At the back of the watch, we can distinguish the silhouette of this elegant foliage, as it leaves an enigmatic shadow on the rich colours and patterns of the natural stone. The night deepens as we exit this magical garden, ending this night stroll with a pitch-black velvet bracelet.