A symbol of fidelity and eternal love, ivy enlaces and seals the most beautiful promises. Named Leaves of Love, this new limited-edition collection designed by Victoire de Castellane is dedicated to the green creeper whose time-honored motto, “I attach myself or I die”, evokes tender declarations. 

In 1947, Monsieur Dior chose this emblem to embellish a bridal gown in tulle and guipure that he pointedly named Fidélité. A tribute to Monsieur Dior’s unconditional passion for flowers, nature and gardens, this jewelry line of five virtuoso pieces ­— a necklace, a cuff, a pair of earrings and rings, both single and double ­— is interpreted like a child’s drawing, with dancing, poetic curves. Its free spirit and spontaneity, two of the Artistic Director’s creative signatures, are enhanced by malachite, with its unique shades of green; the brilliance of gold and the purity of diamonds sprinkled over stems like morning dew. These joyful treasures recalling Dior Joaillerie's marvelous gardens require exceptional craftsmanship. 

In the heart of the prestigious jewelry ateliers with which the House collaborates, these creations come to life thanks to the skillful hands of artisans who combine interlaced gold with various setting techniques. In an ode to the art of detail that Victoire de Castellane holds dear, the backs of the jewels are designed with infinite delicacy. Meticulous gold edging etches out the movement of leaves, while fine piercing, like veins, illuminates each piece. These precise gestures underscore the vitality of ivy that wraps itself around fingers, naturally embraces the wrist or encircles the neck like a talisman.