The CD Diamond canvas, a celebration of the House's heritage

Originally designed by Marc Bohan, the CD Diamond motif was revealed for the first time in the Miss Dior ready-to-wear collection of 1974. The initials “CD” revisited in a refined diamond shape, transformed into a hypnotic hallmark of Dior style. At the time, it punctuated blouses, scarves, and skirts with audacity; it also illuminated accessories for men. Today, this emblem, reinterpreted by Kim Jones as a signature canvas for his Dior Summer 2022 men's collection, comes to life in the Dior ateliers in Italy.

First sketched by hand, this all-over motif is distinctive for its fluid, natural curves. Next, cotton threads are woven on a loom, creating a light, supple canvas that an organic coating process makes resistant and ideal for travel. The letters “CD” meanwhile, are printed on the fabric using a silkscreen technique that gives them unique relief and depth. Made in three colors – Dior Gray, black, and coffee –, the canvas is then cut by the artisan according to a precise pattern to embellish the House’s various leather goods creations. 

Thus, the iconic Saddle, the Dior Hit the Road backpack and the Dior Lock attaché case are adorned with this new graphic code, reflecting a contemporary allure. The quintessence of modernity and a symbol of the Dior spirit, the CD Diamond canvas expresses more than ever the artisanal excellence of Dior’s petites mains.