The Savoir-Faire Behind the Dior Caro Bag 

A tribute to Christian Dior’s sister, Catherine – known affectionately as “Caro,”– the Dior Caro bag is clad in the iconic caning motif. An original expression of Dior codes, this object of desire is made in the House’s workshops in Italy, with virtuoso craftsmanship combining the beauty of the gesture with exceptional materials. 

After its pieces are meticulously cut from calf leather, the essential quilting stage alone requires 18,700 stitches to reproduce the subtle geometric weave of cannage. A delicate “Christian Dior” gold seal is affixed before the bag, which is mounted inside-out, is at last turned right-side out. Next, metal accessories adorned with the precious “CD” signature are affixed, from the chain links to the clasp.

Available in two sizes, in timeless shades such as black, gray, beige and ivory, this essential bag also comes in enchanting hues, borrowing intensity from red and softness from sky blue, mint green and compass rose. The small version is also available in three exclusive models sublimated by shearling, raw denim or punctuated by the hypnotic Tie & Dior as seen in the Cruise 2021 show. A new emblem of Dior style.