Looks Autumn-Winter Collection

Haute Architecture

Continuing her reflection on the foundations and essence of couture, from the structure of the fabric to the cut, Maria Grazia Chiuri for this collection dreamt up architectural silhouettes with new volumes. She reinvented traditional construction lines, juxtaposing shapes, materials and colors.

    Couture Poetry

    For the Dior haute couture fall-winter 2021-2022 collection, knitwear metamorphoses into delicate mesh knits while braiding serves as a key structural detail to assemble the different parts of the dresses. Like a dreamlike ode, pleats are reinvented through subtle gradations or integrated in the very construction of the dress thanks to a process inspired by basket-weaving techniques. Poetic punctuations, and expressions of virtuoso savoir-faire.

      Weaving Stories

      A series of looks enhanced with precious patchworks combining satin and velvet with raised motifs are illuminated with flowers, an ode to Catherine Dior, an inspirational figure and heroine who affirmed her identity through the cultivation of flowers. Patchwork is also a symbol of solidarity, bringing together women from all walks of life, from the suffragettes who made banners to claim the legitimacy of their struggle to the Dutch women's circles who crafted "liberation skirts" from scraps of floral fabric. Looks imbued with a free spirit.

        Aerial ballet

        The art of plumasserie is celebrated more than ever in this Dior collection. Creating contrasting vibrant punctuations on tweeds or irresistible total looks, feathers bring a touch of audacity to the silhouettes, fluttering, light as air, to the rhythm of the models' steps.

          Belle de jour

          For the Dior haute couture fall-winter 2021-2022 collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri creates a daytime wardrobe infused with a contemporary spirit. Structuring the looks, key men's fabrics dear to Monsieur Dior unfurl on two-piece coats, capes and high-waisted skirts that lend a sculptural allure to silhouettes. Hand-woven, in embroidered knits, or adorned with feathers, tweed is reinvented in a couture version, revealing a palette of black, white and gray - sober, raw and natural hues that exalt the art of construction.

            ©Christina Fragkou