• The Dior factory in Saint Jean de Braye in France produces all the Christian Dior perfumes for the entire world. Its craftsmen continue to exploit their unique expertise at every stage of production.


  • The Dior factory in Saint Jean de Braye has its own cellar, an area dedicated to the production of perfume and the conservation of raw materials. Be they natural or synthetic, the latter must be preserved with very special care. That is why the cellar is subject to permanent checks in order to regulate its temperature and control its humidity level. The conservation of the perfume and its ingredients demands expertise comparable to that of a cellar master.

    The materials are regularly checked, from their arrival at the factory to their use in perfume production, in order to guarantee their olfactory stability as well as their traceability.


  • The Dior factory is home to unique areas of expertise. Certain perfumes are packaged entirely by hand: this is the case for the fragrances in the Private Collection, a showcase for the excellence of Dior perfumes.

    Other perfumes require very special manual techniques: the satin bow that adorns every bottle of Miss Dior extract is hand-made, as is the gold thread that coils around the J'adore extract.

    The Dior craftsmen strive to pass on these techniques, which cannot be learned anywhere else. The younger generation work alongside experienced craftsmen, thus keeping alive the unique expertise that creates the excellence of Dior perfumes.

    "I want to return to forgotten manual techniques." Christian Dior