• Since Miss Dior in 1947, Dior has collaborated with some of the greatest perfumers in the world. Today Dior has its own Perfumer-Creator, François Demachy. The Dior signature: high-quality, unique and timeless fragrances.


  • Dior Perfumer-Creator since 2006, François Demachy embodies the expertise and great creativity of Dior perfumes. François Demachy grew up in Grasse, the cradle of perfumery. It was there that he learned about the raw materials and alchemical mysteries of perfumery. In the land of flowers,he developed an unconditional love of fine materials, the secret of wonderful perfumes. The guarantor of Dior's olfactory expertise, François Demachy has privileged relationships with the producers who supply the Maison. These exceptional ingredients form the signature of his creations. An art lover and refined aesthete, François Demachy perpetuates the heritage of Christian Dior with rigor and creativity.

  • "My role is to enhance all these wonderful materials. At Dior, their quality is constant: that is our signature." François Demachy


  • Since the start of his career, Christian Dior surrounded himself with the greatest perfumers of his time in order to create exceptional fragrances. In 1947 it was Paul Vacher who created the founding perfume, Miss Dior. He also created Diorling in the early 1960s.

    Christian Dior called on his friend Edmond Roudnitska to compose some of his first perfumes, notably Diorama and Diorissimo. He also created Eau Sauvage, a true revolution upon its creation in 1966, that has become one of today's classics. An exceptional perfumer, Edmond Roudnitska is considered to be one of the greatest perfume composers of the 20th century. Guided by the intuition of his immense talent, Christian Dior in turn made Edmond Roudnitska the most important perfumer at Dior.


  • The Creative Laboratory is the place where over 2,500 raw materials that help create Dior perfumes are indexed, stocked and weighed. Situated in Paris, this Mecca for craftsmanship and expertise is placed at the service of a perfumery that is ever more delicious. The raw materials are meticulously selected and come from the best producers from all over the world. Every day, François Demachy uses these ingredients of exceptional quality in his compositions.