The fragrances

For her, for him, for you; this is a collection of fragrances coloured by the emotions to discover, love and share.

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Like a caress of the skin or an impression left behind, these creations insistently whisper that they are indispensable. Powdery iris, milky sandalwood, enveloping musks and juicy pear all express their own sensual emotion.


Evocative and intense, these fragrances evoke scenes from an Oriental dream. Smoky trails, leathery notes and sparkling oud reveal a world of deep emotions to experience.


Worshiped as the queens of flowers, these blooms reign majestically over these fragrances. Sweet jasmine, sensual rose, heady tuberose and many other emotions procure instant pleasure.

Light Florals

Full of grace and lightness, these bouquets of fresh flowers bring color to these radiant creations. Hypnotising cherry blossom, lucky lily of the valley, powdery rose and soft tea speak of delicate emotions.

Fruity Florals

Slightly tempestuous but thoroughly cheerful, these perfumes will lead you into a frenzied dance. Sparkling orange, vibrant gardenia, zesty bergamot and tart cranberries taste of happiness and strong emotions.

Les Élixirs Précieux

The "Les Elixirs Precieux" is a collection of four luxurious fragrances inspired by the storied tradition of Dior perfumes. Each of the scents in the collection, Oud, Amber, Rose and Musc, is inspired by a precious raw material and housed in a luxurious glass flacon.