Marked by the House's heritage and that which inspires Kim Jones, Dior Men sneakers combine a unique savoir-faire with creative styling. 

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Revolutionary like Christian Dior in his time, the current Creative Director of Dior Men takes innovation always to the next level. Kim Jones designs men's luxury sneakers with futuristic, structural and sleek lines.
Taking cues from traditional sportswear, iconic creations such as the B22, B24 or CD1 are defined by their chunky-soles and avant-garde silhouettes. Elevating the quintessential sneaker, the collection's styles are made in mesh or technical fabric, leather, neoprene, rubber or suede. Thick sculpted rubber soles, contrasting overlays and inserts, rounded laces and zipper details put their uniqueness on display. Paying homage to classic high- and low-top sneakers, the B23, the B27 and the B01 offer timeless silhouettes. Their flat laces, textured panels, rounded toes and two-tone rubber soles establish them as perennial staples. The hybrid creations of the B25 line deliver a balance of sporty silhouettes, sophistication and archival inspiration. Covered in leather, canvas or jacquard, Dior Men sneakers showcase the House's distinctive style. Reoccurring patterns include the signature 'CD Icon', Dior Oblique and 'Christian Dior Atelier' prints. Kim Jones' seasonal prints often reinterpret these emblematic motifs, whether that be through an exploration of color palettes or materials. However modern the styles are, they always offer the same expert level of craftsmanship for which the House is renowned. Fruits of the Christian Dior ateliers, these men's designer sneakers honor the traditional manufacturing processes that requires great attention to detail, as well as many hours of labor. Each model is crafted by expert craftsmen and women, once affectionately referred to as 'les petites mains', or the 'little hands', by the couturier. Sophisticated yet still comfortable, Dior Men sneakers can coordinate with casual and formal outfits alike.