Essential accessories

Floral Hats

Inspired by the hats designed and worn by the American artist Shawn Stussy* - which Kim Jones collects – Dior’s milliner, Stephen Jones, imagined marvelous bobs bridging haute couture savoir-faire and a relaxed surfing- and skateboarding-inspired spirit.
Punctuated with bouquets of lily-of-the-valley (one of Monsieur Dior’s lucky charms, which he wore as a boutonniere) and Miami’s emblematic tiare flower, these joyful creations feature the DIOR signature revisited by Shawn Stussy* in an XL version with lettering verging on abstraction. The flamboyant colors of peach and sun-yellow evoke the dazzling sunsets in Miami, where the Fall 2020 collection was presented.

    Queen Bee

    A beloved longtime emblem of the House of Dior, the bee has traditionally held a special place in our men’s collections, being constantly reinterpreted across the seasons. Following KAWS’ take, here it’s been reinvented by the artist and designer Shawn Stussy, taking on a gothic edge with punk accents. Resting on a leather patch, it punctuates the iconic Saddle bag and the new Saddle Universe clutch, and also alights on the iconic B23 sneakers, embroidered on a transparent technical mesh peppered with the Dior Oblique pattern. This happy companion - a tribute to Monsieur Dior who compared his Ateliers to an effervescent hive - also surfaces on a series of small leather goods creations, adding a quirky edge.

      Embroidered Jewels

      Celebrating excellence in savoir-faire, accessories fully embroidered with beads further enhanced the energy of the show. A total of 160 hours and over 10,000 pearls were needed to entirely cover the iconic Saddle bag. Echoing two of the collection’s shirts, the B23, also embroidered by hand in the House’s Ateliers in Italy, required no less than 50 hours of painstaking craftsmanship, reflecting an art of detail and beauty of gesture not unlike Dior’s virtuoso haute couture tradition.

        Pièce culte

        One of the treasures of the show, and echoing the passion for art shared by Christian Dior and Kim Jones, the Saddle is reinvented in metal and boasts an interior entirely lined with leather. The aluminum is cut in advance before being assembled to form the structure of the bag. Dipped in red – “the color of life”, according to the founding couturier who had a passion for the shade – a laser-engraved plexiglass detail subtly reveals the iconic Dior Oblique motif. Punctuated with a strap, the exceptional piece evokes the flamboyant elegance of vintage American cars from the '60s. It also features the Dior logo revisited by the artist and designer Shawn Stussy, while like collectable charms, its keychains pay testament to the extraordinarily meticulous craftsmanship key to the elaboration of this object of desire, a true work of art.

          Photo credit - Jackie Nickerson