Le Savoir-Faire


This military-inspired jacket designed by Kim Jones is a symbol of reinvented tailoring. Requiring meticulous assembly using traditional tailoring techniques, the piece is distinctive for its unique cross closure, cigarette epaulettes and fabric-covered buttons recalling those of the iconic Bar jacket. As a final touch, this silhouette inspired by the Oblique line – created by Monsieur Dior in 1950 – features a moiré knot in back for a resolutely audacious elegant accent.

Seed Embroidery

Paying tribute to China’s cultural richness, which fascinated Christian Dior, this piece embodies the very essence of ancestral craftsmanship, reinterpreted with House codes and the colorful universe of artist Kenny Scharf. Subtle seed embroidery – which dates back to Han dynasty – is reinvented in an ultra-modern version to reprise the American artist’s paintings, characterized by vivid shades and delicate gradient hues. Exceptional craftsmanship, showcased with virtuosity.


On a Jacquard loom, colored yarns gracefully come to life. With their hypnotic movement emerge renditions of paintings by artist Kenny Scharf – a blend of cartoon, Surrealism and art history. A meticulous succession of steps, sublimated by the beauty of the gesture. Here, discover them in images.