For the unveiling of his Fall 2021 men’s collection, Kim Jones presented an immersive visual//virtual experience; a captivating journey conceived as a psychedelic odyssey at the crossroads of the arts. Following the House’s spectacular men’s shows in Tokyo and Miami, this reinvention of the runway concept builds on the passionate creative vision of the Artistic Director of men’s collections, and the many dialogues he has woven with creatives from different horizons, without limit.

Designed by French director Thomas Vanz — who is fascinated by astrophysics — a moving scenography thus retraces and explores the stories//phenomena and wonder of the cosmos through a hypnotic galactic epic. In an escapade seemingly outside of time, set to the rhythm of a spellbinding soundtrack composed by Lady Miss Kier of the group Deee-Lite, Kim Jones’ dreamlike silhouettes traversed a Milky Way of celestial magic, bursting with sparkling colors, new emblems of joy and optimism for tomorrow.

    Celebrating the steadfast cultural ties that have united Dior and China since 1948, in Beijing the House deployed, for the first time, a technological innovation that illuminated the Phoenix Center with monumental screens displaying powerful images of this virtual show.

    Sharing in this enchanting interlude, Dior’s ambassadors in China, including Huang Xuan, Arthur Chen and Karry Wang, accompanied by Johnny Huang and Elvis Han, appeared dressed in Fall 2021 looks. As a final surprise, the artists Liu Yuxin, G.E.M, Zhang Yadong and the group Re-TROS gave an exceptional concert.
    An ode to the timeless power of elegance.