The Collection


Influenced by Kenny Scharf’s* hypnotic work, poised between utopianism and cosmic travel, these designs by Kim Jones are distinctive for their luminous vitality, a symbol of pure joie de vivre. The American artist’s paintings – such as Viva Mare Viva Mar, When the Worlds Collide and Globo Mundo – are transposed onto precious brocade, Chinese seed-stitch embroidery, or prints combined with fringe or metallic threads, creating statement pieces and dazzling total looks. Such technical feats attest to the excellence of Dior's petites mains.

Virtuoso Alchemy

Combining casual and tailoring spirits, looks designed by Kim Jones exalt Dior’s couture essence. The iconic suit comes in a daring, light and elegant satin pajama version, an ode to the gentle life, while a double-face coat enhances the silhouette with an elegantly nonchalant look, reflecting exceptional craftsmanship. Workwear pieces are belted, reinventing masculine curves. An ultra-desirable symbiosis of insolence and grace that sublimates and embraces the creative richness of the House.


Poised between reinterpreting a priceless heritage and looking toward the future, Kim Jones’s creations make a case for a new casual allure. Playing with materials, and mixing short pants, bombers and sweaters decorated with whimsical patterns reminiscent of Kenny Scharf's aesthetics and the cartoons that inspire him, these looks are symbols of an innovative dialogue, rich in meaning and stories, that is right in step with the times. A contemporary look, in perpetual motion.

Vive Attitude!

Expressions of the sportswear spirit Kim Jones loves, the must-have B27 sneakers are illuminated in bright colors, from pink to blue, while mules in colored seed stitch embroidery are paired with tailoring pieces, lending homewear unprecedented desirability. Leather boots adorned with the Dior Oblique signature code punctuate casual silhouettes for an ultra-modern attitude.

    Bold Emblems

    Completing the show’s silhouettes were a series of bags unveiled in dazzling new versions. The iconic Saddle and Soft Saddle this season are reinvented with delicate jacquards, seed stitch embroidery or Pop brights. The Dior Lock, adorned with a graphic clasp engraved with the “Dior” signature, made a much-noted appearance in a variety of sizes and colors.

      Finishing Touch

      Stephen Jones’ tambourine-style berets punctuate the collection’s looks like an exclamation point, with a note of boldness and joy. Reflecting extraordinarily rich savoir-faire, from seed stitch embroidery to beadwork, these essential accessories bring Kenny Scharf’s iconic characters to life. A new freedom of expression that echoes the spirit of the times and the multiple facets of personality, to be worn like a true fashion statement.

      *Partnership done in collaboration with Artestar, a global licensing agency and creative consultancy representing high-profile artists, photographers, designers and creatives.