The scenography

  • The choice of the location for the show is indelibly linked to the history and creative passion of the House. In 1947, shortly after the triumph of New Look, Christian Dior crossed the Atlantic to travel around the US. Dior’s American odyssey and love of art were two guiding inspirations that led Kim Jones to Miami to unveil his Fall 2020 collection on the eve of the inauguration of Art Basel Fair *. The monumental setting of the show – a 5,000m2 building belonging to Mera and Don Rubell, major collectors of contemporary art, is located opposite the new Rubell Museum and celebrates the founding couturier’s and Kim Jones’ mutual passion for American culture and for art in all its forms.

The sun-yellow illuminated facade echoed a catwalk shadowed by an immense wave covered with a multitude of Dior logos, which artist and designer Shawn Stussy reinvented in countless iterations of psychedelic graffiti. A multi-faceted creative personality in a league of his own, positioned at the intersection of countercultures and surfing, this emblematic figure of the 1980s** is Kim Jones’ guest artist for the collection. The idea of a giant barrel wave breaking over the catwalk was based on one of the artist’s designs***.

The colors of this swath of ocean evoke all the nuances of one of Miami's hypnotic sunsets, flushing from yellow to green to lagoon blue. The scenography celebrated freedom of movement, mind and spirit, embodied by surfing, skateboarding and street-art, a world rich in fantasy that inspired Kim Jones as much as Monsieur Dior’s world in the Fifties.

In tribute to this aesthetic journey through time, seven flamboyant vintage American cars welcomed guests, their colors contrasting with those of models’ denim outfits (embroidered with a delicate white "Dior 1947" signature). It was an invitation to join a free-spirited dialogue between cultures, countries and eras.

*A must-see artistic event taking place from December 4th to 8th  

** The artist notably sculpted surfboards in California, Hawaii and Japan.

*** This wave was covered with sheets of paper placed by hand, individually, a reflection of couture savoir-faire.

Photo credit - Kris Tamburello