A.B.C.Dior invites you to a fascinating interlude, to decode the creative imagination of the house of Dior, from 1947 to today. The star, the color gray, toile de Jouy, cannage, the Bar jacket, gold, lily of the valley – these are all emblems of the Dior style that have written the history of fashion. Anecdotes, iconic creations and treasured traditions all punctuate these unmissable episodes. Season after season, this heritage has been reinvented by the creative energy and vision of the various creative directors. From haute couture to perfumes, they boldly perpetuate the magic of Dior and the excellence of its savoir-faire. A.B.C.Dior is an enjoyable and enchanting exercise in which each letter is the beginning of a Dior symbol to be deciphered, whose secrets we share with you. 

Lily of the Valley: A Precious Lucky Charm and Favorite Inspiration for Christian Dior

    With the letter M, A.B.C.Dior invites you to explore the word “Muguet” (Lily of the Valley), a poetic symbol of a steadfast passion for nature and superstition. A journey in sound, and an invitation to (re)discover Monsieur Dior’s favorite flower, a symbol of May Day, a particularly emblematic holiday for the House. 


    The leopard print, a timeless code that sublimates Dior icons

      With the letter L, A.B.C.Dior invites you to explore the "Leopard Print", a major symbol that has graced the House’s creations since 1947. Discover the secrets of this emblematic design, a fashion statement reinvented season after season by the House’s respective Artistic Directors.


      The rose, the queen of flowers, at the heart of Dior’s creative inspirations

        With the letter ‘R’, A.B.C.Dior invites you to explore the Rose. At once a color, a muse and the queen of flowers, this emblem of grace, love and femininity reveals its secrets through the House’s creations, from fashion to beauty. From its delicate hues to the curves of its petals, the rose perpetuates, more than ever, the Dior dream.


        Cinema: Behind the Scenes of the 7th Art with Dior

          With the letter C, A.B.C.Dior invites you to explore the world of the cinema. From the silver screen to the red carpet, Dior creations have been worn by a constellation of legendary actresses and actors. This captivating artistic dialogue represents an extraordinary filmography that we spotlight here, celebrating more than seventy years of fashion and the 7th art.


          The Dioriviera Universe, an Odyssey to the Heart of the French Riviera

            With the letter D, A.B.C.Dior invites you on a summer escapade within the Dioriviera universe. An irresistible destination, the French Riviera fascinated Christian Dior, with its colors, flowers and light a constant source of inspiration for his collections; a sunny fusion bridging French art de vivre and couture.