Ten years after the luxuriant Bal des Roses opus, Victoire de Castellane has created a new High Jewelry collection dedicated to the rose. Composed of fifty-four superbly realistic figurative pieces, RoseDior pays poetic and colorful tribute to Monsieur Dior’s favorite flower.

      The Artistic Director confirms her talent as a colorist, bringing together the most beautiful precious and fine gemstones to mirror the extreme delicacy of tonalities, from the bud picked in the morning to petals in full bloom in the evening.


          The virtuoso pairing of pink spinels gives rise to a parure blossoming with pear-cut gemstones. A lagoon blue Paraïba tourmaline blooms on a Y-shaped necklace, while an ultramarine blue Madagascar sapphire weighing more than 8 carats crowns a flared cut rose, placed atop a white gold stem sprinkled with dewdrops formed by briolette diamonds.

          To underscore the finesse of the wrist, bracelets — like necklaces — are fashioned from gold evoking a plant-like texture. In the Parisian Haute Joaillerie workshops, the hammered and polished precious metal transforms into a stem wrapped in frost using intermittently paved diamonds of different diameters.

          “After women, flowers are the most divine creations. They are so delicate and so charming (...),” wrote Monsieur Dior. Victoire de Castellane’s creativity is proof.