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Rouge Blush - Limited Edition Powder blush - couture color - long wear - millefiori motif

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Image swatch product Rouge Blush - Limited Edition
361 MillefioriA powder pink$46.00

Echoing the new Miss Dior eau de parfum, Dior created a limited-edition of the timeless Rouge Blush adorned with a millefiori floral motif. This collector blush's powder is embossed with a delicate, flourishing armful of flowers that compose a sophisticated floral bouquet.

Rouge Blush is the ultra-pigmented Dior blush that enhances cheeks and cheekbones with a long-wearing, buildable couture shade, for a soft or bold color payoff.
Apply the limited-edition powder pink shade, in a satiny finish, with the included angled applicator or with Dior Backstage Blush Brush N° 16.


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